Art Literacy

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Art Literacy would not exist without the funding of the PTO and volunteer support to bring it to each classroom at Cooper Mountain. 

 About Art Literacy:

The Beaverton School District is home to an exceptional volunteer-staffed art education program called Art Literacy. The program, founded in 1980 by a handful of Chehalem Elementary parents committed to enriching their children’s education, today has more than 1100 trained volunteers serving every elementary school and 7 middle schools.

Throughout the school year, the Cooper Mountain Art Lit Chairperson receives six different art lessons and production ideas to organize and share with volunteers to present to the students. 

Each lesson includes clearly identified objectives and vocabulary; art history, criticism, aesthetics; and concludes with an art production where the students, inspired by the featured artist, are able to work with quality art supplies to create their own masterpiece.

The visual art curriculum for each year rotates from one of the following focus blocks: color and value, line and texture, and space, shape, and form.