Oregon Battle Of the Books (OBOB)

Oregon Battle Of the Books (OBOB) is at Cooper Mountain Elementary!

OBOB Volunteers Needed

For those 3rd-5th graders who are signed up for OBOB this information is for you and your families. We are so glad that you are participating in OBOB. Right now you should be reading your selected books and begin working on the practice questions which can be found at this link.

Oregon Battle of the Books can only happen with YOUR help.

This year there will be no regional or state competitions but we do have the ability to host Zoom book battles. In order to run a Zoom battle we will need 3-4 volunteers per Zoom room (don’t worry, we will teach you everything you need to know about Zoom). We will need to ensure that you have completed your background check as well.

1. Time Keeper: put teams in breakout rooms, time them, and bring them back from the breakout rooms

2. Question Facilitator: Ask questions + facilitate rules of the battles

3. Score Keeper(s): keeps track of answers from each team and makes sure there is no “cheating” in the breakout rooms.

If helping support us with OBOB is something that interests you, please contact the PTO (volunteer sign-ups will be available closer to the event. Once we have filled our volunteer needs we will confirm our practice and real battle dates. 

Learn about OBOB here.